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Mission & Goals

The mission and goals of the Office of Academic Integrity are rooted in the Mountaineer Creed, which highlights the practice of academic integrity and the value of lifelong learning.

The Office of Academic Integrity also promotes WVU's Values of Service, Curiosity, Respect, Accountability, and Appreciation, in particular:

  • The curiosity inherent in the pursuit of lifelong learning.
  • Respect of the intellectual work of others.
  • Accountability to WVU's academic standards and guidelines.


The Office of Academic Integrity strives to protect the integrity of all academic endeavors at West Virginia University and to promote a positive culture of academic integrity and excellence. It partners with the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities to protect the health, welfare, safety, property, and rights of all members of the West Virginia University community.


The Office of Academic Integrity seeks the following:

  • To provide all students with the tools and resources to avoid misconduct.
  • To provide an educational experience for students who take part in the resolution process following a claim of academic misconduct.
  • To partner with faculty and staff to promote and protect the integrity of the institution.
  • To provide resources and assistance in all matters related to academic integrity.

Learning Outcomes

After taking part in the Office of Academic Integrity resolution process, students will be better able to:

  • Recognize how their actions were inconsistent with WVU's academic standards.
  • Describe what they need to do in the future to meet WVU's academic standards.
  • Explain the impact their actions had or could have had on others and/or the community.
  • Define their personal values and how they played a role with their actions.
  • Understand what doing their work with integrity means, and how it will benefit them in the long term.
  • Understand how their actions in an academic setting integrate with conduct in other areas of life.
  • Identify academic support resources available in the University community, as well as other resources available to help them align with WVU's standards.