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Academic Integrity Rubric

For incidents managed through the Conduct Process, the following rubric is used to determine appropriate and consistent University-level sanctions. A student may receive a maximum score of 100 in each section.

Instructors, departments, or colleges may also adapt this rubric to help determine appropriate sanctions at the course level.

Criteria #1

Incidents will be scored based on the nature of the alleged violation. In cases where multiple violations have occurred (e.g., a student plagiarizes on the essay portion of a take-home exam, but also works with friends to complete the assessment), the most serious violation will be scored.

Violation Points Assigned
Self-Plagiarism 30
Plagiarism (Similarity Percentage of ≤ 15%) 30
Plagiarism (Similarity Percentage of 16 - 75%) 60
Plagiarism (Similarity Percentage of ≥ 76%) 100
Contract Cheating 100
Unauthorized Collaboration 30
Depending on Aid 60
Giving or Receiving Aid 60
Acquisition of Resources 100
Fabrication & Falsification (General) 60
Fabrication & Falsification (Attendance) 60
Wrongful Fabrication/Alteration 100
Fraudulent Use of Documents 100
Furnishing False Statements 100
Compelling 100
Engaging in Prohibited Behavior Variable
Violating Other Standards Variable

Criteria #2

Incidents will be scored based on the weight of the assessment, relative to total course points.

Weight of Assessment Points Assigned
≤ 30% 30
31 - 70% 70
≥ 71% 100
Capstone/Clinical/Practical 100

Criteria #3

Incidents will be scored based on the accused student's violation history. On a student's first or second violation, when multiple compromised assignments are reported at one time, an additional 15 points will be added.

Violation History Points Assigned
1st Violation 30
2nd Violation 60
3rd (+) Violation 100
More than 1 Violation Reported (for 1st/2nd Violation) 15

Criteria #4

Incidents will be scored based on the accused student's earned credit hours (for undergraduate) or level of degree program (for graduate).

Student Rank Points Assigned
Freshman (1 - 29 Earned Credit Hours) 0
Sophomomore (30 - 59 Earned Credit Hours) 15
Junior (60 - 89 Earned Credit Hours) 30
Senior (90 or More Earned Credit Hours) 45
Masters 60
Doctoral/Professional 100

Criteria #5

Incidents will be scored based on aggravating factors, examples of which are included below. While a given incident may have more than 2 aggravating factors, each incident may only accrue a maximum of 100 points in this category.

Aggravating Factors Points Assigned
Prior Significant Education 50
Collusion 50
Unacceptable Use of Technology 50
Concealment 50
Other 50

Recommended Sanction

Warning 0 - 120
Probation/Deferred Suspension 121 - 200
Suspension 201 - 350
Expulsion 351 - 500

Credit: These sanctioning guidelines are adapted from the University of California, San Diego.