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Faculty & Staff:


This page provides guidance for faculty and staff regarding the reporting process for academic misconduct. More questions? Contact the Office of Academic Integrity via email or by phone at (304) 293-8111.

Some schools and/or programs are exempted from the WVU Policy on Student Academic Integrity. Faculty in exempted programs should consult leadership within their academic unit, or direct questions via email to the Office of Academic Integrity.

Reporting Procedures

  • As soon as academic misconduct is suspected, the authorized reporter will submit a report. The authorized reporter is typically, but not always, the instructor who directly observed the behavior in question. 
  • The Office of Academic Integrity will screen the report to determine how it will be resolved (e.g., via the Course-Level Process or the Conduct Process).
  • After the incident is screened, the Office of Academic Integrity will notify the authorized reporter via email of next steps.